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    Adaptive cycles in Alpine grassland systems

      Carbon flows within China

      “Sustainability Science is a field defined by the problem it addresses rather than the disciplines it adopts… It serves the need for advancing both knowledge and action by creating a dynamic bridge between the two."

      -- Clark, W.C. 2007. Sustainability Science: A room of its own. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 104: 1737-1738

      The sustainability modeling group is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from a range of departments within the University of Maryland developing new tools, combining existing tools, and applying them to real world sustainability problems.

      We hope that you find our research of interest. Feel free to contact any of us if you want to lean more. Meanwhile, enjoy what we have already compiled for you. We intend to update the website by adding new applications, courses, and models.


      Klaus Hubacek

      Vulnerability to oil price fluctuations

        Water consumption in Phoenix watershed

          Prototype Earth System-Human System Feedbacks

          News and Events

          Joint paper on bi-directional modeling published by National Science Review: Monteharrei et al. (In Press). “Population, Inequality, and Resource-Use: Modeling Sustainability Requires Bidirectional Coupling of the Earth and Human Systems.”
          Klaus Hubacek gives keynote on "Global carbon inequality" at the 24th International Input-Output Conference in Seoul, Korea ... Read more
              Eugenia Kalnay gives invited presentation on "Population and Climate Change" at the University of Pittsburgh, May 2016
          Eugenia Kalnay gives invited presentation on "Population and Climate Change" at the ADAPT Symposium Keynote Lecture, Penn State University, May 2016
          Eugenia Kalnay gives invited presentation on "Population and Climate Change" IRiderwood Scientific Talks, Maryland, March 2016
          Food-Energy-Water Nexus Workshop, October 27-28, 2015. World Bank, Washington, DC ... Read more
          Klaus Hubacek has been awarded a visiting guest professorship by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. ... Read more
          Laixiang Sun was interviewed in an article entitled, "Water Consupmtion: A Canal Too Far," which was published in the... Read more
          Eugenia Kalnay receives the American Metrological Society (AMS) Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award for effectively mentoring many early career scientists, with her unstinting generosity of time and attention in providing advice, encouragement, leadership, and inspiration
              Eugenia Kalnay receives the AMS Honorary Member Award
              The AMS Eugenia Kalnay Symposium took place On January 7, 2015 ... Read more

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